Since our start, Island Networks has worked closely with Cisco and NetApp on their converged infrastructure FlexPod.

FlexPod is a converged infrastructure solution built on a technology partnership between NetApp, Cisco, and other complimentary technology partners. Using FlexPod as the backbone of your internal cloud, will help to simplify data center management, reduce costs, improve scalability, increase agility, and improve IT efficiency and performance.

The key benefits of FlexPod:
Simplified Deployment:

FlexPod solutions come with pre-validated designs that make it easy and straightforward to deploy and configure the hardware and software components of your IT infrastructure.

High Performance and Availability:

FlexPod solutions are designed for high performance and availability, with advanced features such as clustering, load balancing, and high availability.


FlexPod solutions can be easily scaled to meet your changing business requirements, whether it’s adding more storage capacity, compute power, or networking bandwidth.

Reduced Complexity:

By integrating compute, storage, and networking components into a single pre-built platform, FlexPod solutions can help organizations reduce complexity in their IT infrastructure, which can lead to lower operational costs and improved productivity.

Multi-Cloud Support

FlexPod solutions can support a range of deployment scenarios, from traditional on-premises deployments to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, providing greater flexibility and agility for your IT operations.

Integrated Management:

FlexPod solutions can be centrally managed through a single console, providing organizations with greater visibility and control over their IT infrastructure.


FlexPod solutions provide organizations with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way to streamline and simplify their IT operations, while also improving efficiency, agility, and performance.