Hybrid Clouds: Deriving the Biggest Business Impact

Enterprises are increasingly relying on cloud computing for flexibility, and hybrid clouds have the potential to move them even further down the path to agility. 

In a recent survey, 78% of IT executives said they think it is important to manage data across multiple cloud environments, but only 40% were confident of their organisation’s ability to do so.

Those stats are highlighted in a new CIO analyst report that can help you chart your own path toward a hybrid cloud model, combining the security and control of a private cloud and the flexibility and expandability of a public cloud.

As you’ll discover, the key to a hybrid cloud is a common platform for managing data—such as NetApp® Data ONTAP®, that scales and adapts to an enterprise’s changing needs across any cloud resource, while reducing risk and managing expenditure.

Get the details. Download the CIO Analysis report below:

Hybrid Clouds Deriving the Biggest Business Impact