Desktop Virtualisation Made Easy

Discover how a proven and integrated solution from NetApp, Cisco and Citrix takes the guesswork out of designing and implementing an optimised desktop infrastructure.

Desktop virtualisation enables organisations to provide workers greater mobility and flexibility, while at the same time improving security, simplifying IT and reducing costs. The challenge many companies face is how to quickly and cost-effectively deploy an enterprise-proven desktop virtualisation solution.

Eliminate the desktop virtualisation bottlenecks by implementing FlexPod Datacenter with Citrix XenDesktop—a unified, preconfigured virtual desktop infrastructure that scales easily and simplifies management and deployment.

FlexPod Datacenter with Citrix XenDesktop enables you to:

• Reduce the storage cost for virtual desktops
• Cut deployment time in half and simplify management
• Support 60% more virtual desktops without impacting user performance
• Accommodate growth by scaling rapidly without any architectural changes
• Lower operating costs by 20% compared to the competition

Learn how the FlexPod infrastructure can help you expedite the deployment and simplify management of virtual desktops.

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FlexPod Infographic