Using FlexPod for
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments

Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments ensure your business has the computing power it needs when it needs it. With private cloud deployments, you have greater control over your data, offering a higher level of security and customization. With public cloud deployments, you have a higher level of scalability, lower capital expenditures and higher reliability due to services being distributed across multiple data centers and services.

Designed by Cisco and NetApp, FlexPod is designed to handle hybrid and multi-cloud deployments with ease. Learn more about how it works.

The Problems with Traditional Infrastructure

Traditional network infrastructure is stretched to the limit by the levels of computing power and storage needed by AI. AI requires the ability to handle a high level of data volume at a high velocity. Upgrading and integrating off-the-shelf components makes your infrastructure unwieldy and difficult to control. Scaling is also a challenge, requiring downtime that eats into your bottom line. Cisco and NetApp’s FlexPod infrastructure solves these problems, allowing you to take full advantage of your AI capabilities.

Using FlexPod for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments

FlexPod has been a trusted platform for ten years. It provides a solid foundation for a flexible hybrid and multi-cloud strategy, allowing you to move seamlessly between on-premise environments and your cloud providers.

FlexPod’s infrastructure allows you to extend computing and storage resources from on-premises FlexPod to major cloud providers using Cisco CloudCenter and NetApp Private Storage.

Cisco CloudCenter is an application-centered hybrid cloud management system. It can provision resources and deploy applications across more than 20 data centers and private and public cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The single-platform solution makes deployment simple and offers the tools you need to manage infrastructure resources, applications and policies.

NetApp Private Storage empowers you to easily connect to multiple clouds without having to provision network links, move data or create additional copies of data for each cloud. You can easily deploy applications and position data wherever you need it.

For your private cloud, you have FlexPod datacenter with ACI. It uses Cisco Unified Computing System, Cisco Nexus and MDS switches, and NetApp storage systems to run a variety of workloads. You can also choose other supported FlexPod configurations if those are a better fit for your private cloud.

Implement FlexPod With Island Networks

At Island Networks, we implement innovative IT solutions to customers around the world. We work in partnership with leading hardware manufacturers like Cisco and NetApp to develop data centers that support your organization’s goals. We know that hybrid and multi-cloud deployments can be complex. We act as a single point of contact across multiple vendors to streamline your time and effort.

We partner with you to ensure you have the right cloud services for your business and that those services meet your needs for compliance and performance.  We can help you simplify cloud management and ensure it’s scalable and adaptable to the evolving needs of your organization.

We offer a high level of expertise with infrastructure solutions like FlexPod. Our award-winning partnership with Cisco and NetApp demonstrates our commitment to top-of-the-line solutions.

We know that cloud deployments need to be made with careful consideration. FlexPod has the potential to improve efficiency and performance while delivering cost savings. Consider a consultation with us to learn more about FlexPod.

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