How to Use FlexPod for AI Solutions

AI is critical to advancing solutions and productivity in fields like healthcare, biotechnology, finance and manufacturing. In the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, it supports drug discovery and medical research. In manufacturing, it supports automation and quality assurance.

Regardless of the field, AI requires a robust infrastructure. FlexPod Datacenter for AI is up to the task. Learn more about the issues with traditional infrastructure and how to use FlexPod for AI solutions.

The Problems with Traditional Infrastructure

Traditional network infrastructure is stretched to the limit by the levels of computing power and storage needed by AI. AI requires the ability to handle a high level of data volume at a high velocity. Upgrading and integrating off-the-shelf components makes your infrastructure unwieldy and difficult to control. Scaling is also a challenge, requiring downtime that eats into your bottom line. Cisco and NetApp’s FlexPod infrastructure solves these problems, allowing you to take full advantage of your AI capabilities.

FlexPod Offers Solutions

The FlexPod Datacenter for AI is optimized for analysis. It simplifies deployment and scales to more than 20PB in a single namespace. Data storage is also improved with advanced deduplication and compression techniques. FlexPod also supports the testing and training required to keep your data center up and running.

The FlexPod Datacenter includes Cisco UCS C480 ML M5 Rack servers, which offer fast networking to keep up with AI tasks. The server consists of two CPUs with up to 28 cores each and up to eight NVIDIA Tesla V100-32GB Tensor Core GPUs. The GPUs are connected with NVIDIA NVLink to ensure speedy communication across GPUs.

It also includes NetApp ONTAP storage systems. These create a data lake that can stream data into your training environment. After Training, the models can be moved quickly for additional testing and validation.

Overall, FlexPod is designed to create a scalable, interconnected system with the power and speed needed to keep up with AI.

Implement FlexPod With Island Networks

At Island Networks, we implement innovative IT solutions to customers around the world. We work in partnership with leading hardware manufacturers like Cisco and NetApp to develop data centers that support your organization’s goals. Our experts can assist you with:

  • Designing and implementing data center plans
  • Managing and sizing capacity requirements
  • Optimizing your current resources
  • Securing your data center and critical data
  • Controlling deployment costs
  • Transitioning to the cloud

We offer a high level of expertise with infrastructure solutions like FlexPod. Our award-winning partnership with Cisco and NetApp demonstrates our commitment to top-of-the-line solutions.

We know that deploying or upgrading your data center is a decision you need to make with careful consideration. Consider a consultation with us to learn more about your data center options.

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