Forrester Study: How FlexPod Can Help You Save

Deploy infrastructure-as-a-service (IaasS) and manage a range of virtual Microsoft workloads across data centres. FlexPod solutions for Microsoft private cloud reduce risk and accelerate application deployment. They are based on pre-validated designs using proven technologies from Cisco, NetApp and Microsoft.

Learn how a FlexPod implementation from Island Networks could produce business savings like the following in just three years (for 1,500 users):

  • $264,228: Efficiency gains, automation of server and storage provisioning
  • $$255,000: Asset consolidation, not having to replace physical servers
  • $51,296: Capital savings, reduction in storage hardware

Get the details. Download the Forrester Total Economic Impact report and the FlexPod solution brief below:

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study on NetApp and Cisco FlexPod

Build Your Private Microsoft Cloud

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