Using FlexPod for
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments

Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments ensure your business has the…

The Benefits of Virtualization of Server Infrastructure with FlexPod

Virtualization is cost-effective and more efficiently uses your…

How to Use FlexPod for AI Solutions

AI is critical to advancing solutions and productivity in fields like healthcare, biotechnology, finance and manufacturing. In the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, it supports drug discovery and medical research. In manufacturing, it supports automation and quality assurance. Regardless of the field, AI requires a robust infrastructure. Cisco FlexPod Datacenter for AI is up to the task. Learn more about the issues with traditional infrastructure and how to use Cisco FlexPod for AI solutions.

Island Networks Awarded Citrix Fastest Growing Partner of the Year for 2014

This is the fourth award from a leading manufacturer brand in just over fourteen months - signalling Island Networks accelerated growth and outstanding performance in the converged infrastructure & virtualisation space.