Everything You Need to Know About the NetApp and Cisco FlexPod Solution

Platform for Innovation. Unmatched Versatility. Trusted Worldwide.

FlexPod from Cisco and NetApp delivers best-in-class converged infrastructure solutions that support enterprises and enable service providers with a versatile and trusted global platform for innovation.

What is FlexPod?

Built on Cisco and NetApp technology, the FlexPod solution is a converged infrastructure platform composed of prevalidated storage, networking and server technologies. FlexPod increases IT responsiveness to organizational requirements and reduces computing costs with maximum uptime and minimal risk. It is trusted worldwide by over 9,000 customers using more than 170 validated designs.


Over 9,000 Customers


More than 170 Validated Designs

FlexPod integrates components that scale, compute and store independently. This means you can meet changing, granular business requirements for a broad set of applications and demands. Prevalidated FlexPod architecture delivers application performance and agility that drive higher productivity, faster decision-making and more significant growth opportunities.

The FlexPod portfolio includes FlexPod Datacenter for core enterprise data centers and service providers, FlexPod Express for medium-sized businesses and branch offices, and FlexPod Select for data-intensive workloads. The portfolio is validated with leading hypervisors, operating systems, systems management tools and cloud management platforms.

Digital Transformation with FlexPod

As your enterprise strives for digital transformation and operational efficiency, you need technology to support dramatic shifts across the organization. That means simplifying IT and reducing costs while being responsive to changing market conditions and business needs.

FlexPod is the hybrid cloud platform built for the changing landscape and the future of IT. It enables you to optimize the data center for your most demanding applications and gives IT the capacity for innovation.

FlexPod delivers a trusted, global platform for innovation, with unmatched versatility. Its best-in-class converged infrastructure solutions support enterprises and enable service providers to:

  • Power the most demanding AI needs with an optimized infrastructure.
  • Integrate advanced cloud services with the only hybrid, multi-cloud CI stack.
  • Manage data easily from edge to core to cloud.
  • Dramatically reduce data center costs, streamline IT and simplify support.
  • Operate with confidence and meet the needs of diverse workloads.